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Arumloo Water Saving Toilet


Product Description

Beautifully Efficient Bathrooms

Circular flow paths are seen repeatedly in nature – the spiral shape of the Nautilus shell; the vortex of a tornado; and water flowing down a plug hole. This natural form represents the path of least resistance.

The Arumloo toilet takes inspiration from the Arum Lily. Its elegant shape incorporates a vortex, bringing insects into the heart of the flower for pollination. As the new hallmark for beautifully efficient bathrooms, Arumloo brings nature’s elegant design into the toilet producing a circular flow path for efficient cleaning of the bowl and reliable clearing of waste.

The vortex shape of this toilet effortlessly clears waste from the bowl, without wasting water, without air getting trapped under the toilet paper and without the need for multiple flushes. Even the largest deposits are cleared with just a small amount of water!

In a conventional toilet, solids often get stuck in the tight U bend. By understanding how water moves naturally, Arumloo has improved the design of the P-trap, making more space where it’s needed without needing more water

Products Features

  • Toilet flushes on less than 2 litres of water
  • Close-coupled toilet
  • Easy to maintain
  • Rimless design of ceramic for improve hygiene and easier cleaning
  • 70% reduction in water demand compared to conventional toilets
  • Push button or flush handle options
  • Cistern can be ‘boxed out’ to give appearance of concealed cistern if this is customer preference
  • Multi-flush cistern -no more waiting for the cistern to re-fill
  • Colour options available
  • Vortex flush for effective cleaning of surfaces
  • Spiral trap reliably clears waste out of the toilet
  • Standard plumbing connections for ease of retrofitting
  • South African innovation

Water Saving

LocationTypical Toilet UseWater Use (per month)Water Savings*(pm)
20 flushes/day750 litres
2880 litres
School50 flushes/day1800 litres
7200 litres
Office25 flushes/day900 litres
3600 litres
Public Ablutions75 flushes/day
2700 litres
10800 litres



Natural Efficiency

The vortex flush efficiently cleans the bowl with minimum splash and maximum hygienic benefit


Low Flush

Less than 2l per flush

The high-performance flush can be connected to the water mains or can flush manually on greywater.



Outer Elegance

The stylish outer form inspired by the Arum Lily brings the beauty of nature into every bathroom.


Water Seal

Reliable Performance

The patented water seal design prevents odours and minimises the risks of blockages.


All dimensions in millimeters





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Arumloo Water Saving Toilet 
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