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Product: Falcon High Performance Key-Valve®

Product Description

The patented High Performance Key-Valve System (HPKV) from Enswico is a unique syphon technology to operate urinals without water. Replacing water with technology translates into an enormous worldwide water saving potential.

The High Performance Key-Valve, consisting of the High Performance Key-Valve and the Key-Ring®, seals the drain opening to prevent the emission of odors from the drain without using water or other sealing liquids. This component has a lifespan of minimum 7500 uses.

Our High Performance Key-Valve® M provides safe, long-lasting, low odor performance. Falcon waterfree urinals save yearly up to 100 000 litres of water per urinal and reduce your cost of fresh water supply. Since the introduction of the High Performance Key-Valve® M technology, there have been many improvements incorporated into our design that sets our cartridges apart from the rest.

Retrofit Capable: Our High Performance Key-Valve® M can retrofit an existing flush urinal to function waterfree.

Cues You When to Replace: Our patented Key-Ring® technology dissolves with use, providing a visual signal that helps you know when your cartridge needs to be changed, making maintenance easier

Tried and Tested:  Our technology has passed rigorous backflow certification testing and meets DIBt code standards as certified by TUV.

Download Spec Sheet   Maintenance Instructions


  • no water flush required
  • allows liquid to flow into the drain, but prevents backflow of drain gases
  • vertical mechanism
  • compact unit
  • easy to handle
  • total life span depends on rate of usage
  • the green Key-Ring is the optical life cycle indicator,it keeps the Key-Membrane® flexible and clean and creates in addition a pleasant scent
  • the green Key-Ring mass is fully biodegradable
  • suitable for most available types of waterless urinals
  • allows to compensate negative drain pressures


The Key-Adapter is the fitting for the Key-Valve E in the urinal


  • small and easy to install
  • long life span
  • proven for use in all kind of common materials in the sanitary market


The Service-Key is the tool for replacing the Key-Valve E


  • functional
  • simple
  • practical

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Falcon High Performance Key-Valve® 
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